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We are casting male Latino actors  for an animated sizzle reel soon to be pitched for an animated series based on the now legendary collectible figurines, toys and iconic street apparel line HOMIES! 

We are looking for authentic East L.A. Barrio Chicano (urban Latino) accents with charismatic street swagger, plenty of attitude and impeccable comedic timing.

The roles are comedic in nature, but you must be able to showcase the authenticity of the west coast barrio culture without sounding like a parody of it. Actors must be able to infuse the fun party life nature of the west coast lowriding scene, but also pay tribute to this long celebrated and artistic street culture.

Email: for audition submissions or casting information.


Role: Charismatic Urban Latino

Latino leading man type. Late 20’s. Street Chicano accent (we will want to hear different levels of accent). Confident. Cool. Smooth. Charming and full of charisma. Fast talker.  Deal maker. Sharp dresser (Think zoot suits, shiny wingtip shoes, guayaberas) . Great with the ladies. Takes charge and looks over his Homies. Always has things in control. Never panics.

Sizzle reel Script word count: 29

Actor Types:
A young Benjamin Bratt (Blood in Blood Out), A young Latino version of Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men), Richard Cabral (Mayans M.C), Michael Peña (Ant-Man)

Character Bio:
“Hollywood is living the dream of owning and operating his own custom lowrider car shop. Born and raised in East L.A., Hollywood loves his neighborhood of Quien Sabe. He also loves his crew of friends that help him run the shop. He was born to be a star. He’s a smooth operator, a natural when handling his business, and manages to keep it real with his Homies.

He is our main homie. He has pretty-boy looks and a big hairstyle from the seventies disco era. An impeccable dresser, he always wears zoot suit clothing straight from the 40's. His personality is cool and suave. He is constantly on the phone or being called. Well known in the Barrio, he has several secondary girlfriends and one naive primary lady, Gata. Hollywood has a nice apartment and drives several different custom lowrider cars. He tries to be a one-woman man, but loses focus when a hot Latina looks at him crazy. He likes throwing parties and loves seeing his Homies enjoy life. He never refuses his Homies and will do anything for them.”


Role: Urban Latino Right Hand Man

Latino tough guy. Early 30’s. Deeper voice. Street Chicano accent.  Calm, rational, serious but sincere. Big, strong, protective and loyal. A guard dog, but with hints of a charismatic sense of humor around his most loyal Homies.

Sizzle reel Script word count: 40

Actor Types:
A Latino Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Emilio Rivera (Mayans), Benjamin Bratt (Blood in Blood out), Danny Trejo (Machete)

Character BIo:
“Bobby Loco is a cousin of our leading man (Hollywood). He will kill for Hollywood (literally) and always has his back. A master car painter, the candy paint jobs this vato throws down are legendary around the car-show circuit. He keeps his other Homies in line and works as the shop supervisor.  Bobby Loco is the calming voice and most serious and mature of the Homies. Due to his large size, he doesn't take any mess from anyone. Loco works as a bouncer at the local dancing club called the "Homie Hot Spot." Loco likes to work out and occasionally enters strong-man competitions. He loves professional wrestling (takes it very seriously) and hopes to someday join the "Latino World Order." He drives a '57 Chevy that is lowered and in mint condition. Loco has no time for girls. His girl Tiny won’t let him talk to any girl but her anyhow. Bobby Loco always wears a beanie cap. He is the enforcer of the group. Loco also has a good, deep singing voice and loves to sing Mariachi.”


Role: Urban Latino Hustler

Streetwise hustler. 30-ish.  Street Chicano (Cholo) accent. Cool. Cocky. Shady-but a Homie regardless.

Sizzle reel Script word count: 22

Actor Types:
Fabian Alomar (This Fool), Richard Cabral (Mayans M.C), Michael Peña (Ant-Man), Frankie Quiñones (This Fool)

Character Bio:
Pelon always wears dark shades whether indoors or out. Basically a hustler, he is always selling hot merchandise, from cell phones to microwave ovens, which he keeps in the back of his lowered '41 Chevy panel sedan. Pelón has got what you need and likes the wild hardcore looking cholas (Homie-girls). He is always looking for new ladies because he has bad luck in keeping relationships with the girls he meets. Pelón is Smiley's main Homey. Always dressed in black or charcoal gray with gloves and suspenders, Pelón stays creased and spit-shined. He is the most cholo looking of the Homies. He  brings the hustle to the shop, and is in charge of Procurement… finding rare car parts. He also runs a fencing- I mean “cash-for-gold” business in the backroom of the garage. Pelón is the coolest, but also the shadiest of the Homies crew… always being watched.”

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