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A Rock band is summoned by a disembodied Mayan priest and sent on a mission to fulfill an ancient prophecy to rid the world of an evil spirit determined to pollute the earth with the living dead.

LOS MUERTOS is an animated series in development about a multi-cultural Rock/Rap group from LA. It is 2005 and they have hit it big with their unique Latin-percussive blend of Rock/Rap and have just started touring the world in their infamous “MUERTOS” bus. With their long braids, Mohawk hairdoo’s and piercings, they dominate the youth music scene and are on a mission to infect the world with their edgy and unique ethnic sounds.

Their mission takes an unexpected twist while sight seeing before a concert in Mexico City. They are trapped in an ancient Mayan pyramid where they discover their true destiny. It just so happens that they are the multi-racial group destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy the spirit of the Mayans have been waiting for.

Armed only with supersoakers filled with a special holy liquid called 'Zombie juice" that kills the living dead, they are sent to on a mission to tour the world performing concerts and ridding each location, city by city of the evil dead in this rock infused, Zombie fighting series.

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