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The Scaredy Cats™ is a dark, magical ghost story currently being developed as an animated short film, interactive book, and series. Our haunted adventure centers around six, young abandoned shelter cats who are thrusts them into the middle of a terrifying journey, when they stumble upon a magical and whimsical black cat who teaches them that their glowing eyes can see and combat the supernatural.

The high concept horror series sets a mysterious, buzzworthy tone similar to Stranger Things, blending the dark and chilling atmosphere of a classic horror flick, with mysterious and shocking reveals along the way. Add comedy and memorable heartfelt moments and characters, and you have a winning formula that has the potential to break into pop culture and create a dedicated fandom of all ages.

Something very special and unique about The Scaredy Cats™ is that it is being developed and produced in a traditional, hand-drawn  2D animation style not seen since the renaissance days of animated features. Taking visual cues and nods  from classic Don Bluth films like “The Secret of Nimh”,  greatly inspired by Disney’s fairy tale magic, and mixed with the team-based, 80’s Saturday morning cartoon vibe of action series like “Voltron”, The Scaredy Cats™ will spark memories of a long-loved, but now abandoned art form.

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